Wnep news 16

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Wnep news 16

The station is owned by Tegna Inc. There were originally two ABC network affiliates in northeastern Pennsylvania. The engineers got the signal ready by noon and decided to take a break. However, at lunch, they turned on the station to inspect their handiwork, only to find the signal was dead. Getting a signal from ABC headquarters in New York City was a challenge in the early days with no access to satellites.

From there, the network signal was bounced to the Penobscot Knob transmitter site. However, they stayed on the air because they were owned by well-respected local radio stations. Byhowever, it was obvious that Scranton and Wilkes-Barre were going to be a single television market. The merged station, then as now, operated under WILK-TV's license, but used WARM-TV's channel 16 in order to provide wider signal coverage at less cost—no small consideration given the station's vast and mostly mountainous coverage area.

Despite a power boost to 1. It was never able to achieve any consistency because of the bitter rivalry between Scranton and Wilkes-Barre. Viewers in Wilkes-Barre thought it was a Scranton station, while viewers in Scranton thought it was a Wilkes-Barre station. It was also hobbled by being an affiliate of the smallest and weakest network of the time.

The Federal Communications Commission FCC normally did not allow one company to own two stations with overlapping coverage areas. While it initially granted the waiver, it reversed itself four years later and forced Taft to sell channel He billed the station as serving "Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania," and stepped up coverage of the remote portions of the market.

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These areas had largely been ignored by the other stations in town. He also added the area's first news helicopter. This approach quickly paid off. After briefly falling back to second it returned to number one inaround the same time ABC became the nation's number one network. The New York Times Company bought the station in Oak Hill formed Local TV as a holding company for its stations.

WNEP-TV's transmission tower broadcasting the analog signal on channel 16 collapsed on December 16,due to severe ice, winds, and snow at the transmitter location on Penobscot Knob. No one was injured during the incident. WNEP's signal on local cable systems and satellite was restored later that day.

On June 12,WNEP was to operate on a new tower which is currently complete, though the antenna had not arrived in a timely fashion. Their goal was to have the new facility operating by Augustbut it was delayed a few months. Sinclair CEO Christopher Ripley cited Scranton—Wilkes—Barre as one of three markets, out of fourteen where ownership conflicts exist between the two groups, where the proposed acquisition would likely result in divestitures. On July 18,the FCC voted to have the Sinclair—Tribune acquisition reviewed by an administrative law judge amid "serious concerns" about Sinclair's forthrightness in its applications to sell certain conflict properties.

Tribune also filed a breach of contract lawsuit in the Delaware Chancery Courtalleging that Sinclair engaged in protracted negotiations with the FCC and the U. Department of Justice's Antitrust Division over regulatory issues, refused to sell stations in markets where it already had properties, and proposed divestitures to parties with ties to Sinclair executive chair David D.


Smith that were rejected or highly subject to rejection to maintain control over stations it was required to sell.Economics Articles. Fun Articles To Read.

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Short Interesting Articles For Teenagers. Everyday Heroes. Texas officer keeps school safe while spreading joy To the teens at Clark High in Plano, Texas, Officer Parker is a confidant and confidence booster.

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Popular bookmarking tool Pocket today introduced Pocket Premium, a new paid service designed to help you save pieces of the Internet forever Related Searches. Sort Feedly articles by popularity in Chrome cnet. Publisher admits it used articles by bogus reporters cbsnews. How to expand Google Reader articles in the current tab cnet. Pocket's new premium service saves articles and websites forever cnet.Livestreaming, breaking news notifications, and all the local news you want from WNEP in a fast, high-performance app.

wnep news 16

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Sponsored links. Rating Distribution. There's not a lot of questions about WNEP. Ask insistently in the comments so you can make it frequent! WNEP troubleshooting. Welp, it looks like you're the first user to experience issues with WNEP. Post a question so we can help you ASAP! WNEP v.Talkback 16 airs Monday-through-Friday during Newswatch 16 at pm. We air the best or most representative calls concerning the news and the news station. We listen to all calls and care about what you think.

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Certainly, if we receive a number of inquiries on similar topics, we will address those issues.Emergency repairs are being done to make sure there's no leaking into the building after Monday's winds caused damage to Abington Heights High School's gym. Is it safety or is it communism? One caller has opinions regarding attending church during a pandemic. Meet "Jack" -- the mobile tire shop for Jack Williams Tire.

It wasn't built with a global pandemic in mind, but its owners say it's sure been helpful these days. Geisinger put out a plea for you to give and says it is easy and safe for you to do.

The U. Family Taekwondo Center and Pocono Dance Academy are keeping their digital doors open and teaching their students online via Zoom. Before dawn on April 14, 15 and 16, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars will appear to cluster together, along with the moon.

A year-old Pittsburgh-area woman quarantined in her home held up a sign in her window asking for more beer. The folks at Coors obliged. Jump to.

wnep news 16

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Do people who collect social security get the stimulus checks? See more. Stop complaining about the shutdowns and lockdown as and all the shortages of supplies of you voted for Wolf! You get what you vote for! Vote Democrats out! This morning on Leckey showed video of Italian hospitals dealing wit Spring warmth remains on hold as cold air, snow return to Northeast.

A much colder pattern has set up over the northeastern United States. Many people have been waiting for the day the state-run liquor stores will reopen. Officials working on a reopening plan. When will the state Wine and Spirits stores reopen? Superintendent said emergency repairs have already begun. Roof of high school gym ripped off in extreme weather.

One caller thinks the rules to keep us safe is just communism. Talkback Communism? The pandemic is changing the way some essential businesses are operating.Get the Android app. Get the iOS app. Send feedback. The year-old radio veteran shared some personal news just minutes before his program ended at 3 p. He told listeners that he hasn't been feeling well in the past couple of weeks and now he's been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer.

WILK is one of nearly Tonight's meeting comes after the district was forced to close four schools last week because lead and asbestos contamination was found inside those buildings. Emotions were clearly high as parents came before the Scranton School Board, demanding to know how conditions became so poor inside at least four schools.

Grace Stampien is a senior at Scranton Prep.

WNEP anchor Jim Hamill being investigated for alleged assault of woman

She was diagnosed with cancer last year and has been sidelined as she undergoes treatment for leukemia. Monday she received a standing ovation as she was escorted onto the court by her parents. Her team then honored her with the first possession of the game. I didn't even know if I would get here a couple of months ago. I didn't think I would, but I'm just so excited to be here," said Grace. The Lady Classics took the court, with a Peanut After Planters announced the death of its iconic mascot earlier this month, we'd thought we'd seen the last of Mr.

Peanut, but it turns out, we were wrong. In the peanut company's new Super Bowl commercial, the legendary legume was reborn as "Baby Nut. Peanut's humble beginnings in Luzerne County. With league and district tournaments on the horizon, the Buckhorns are sitting at and improving every day. The man who many consider to be the key architect of the Super Bowl champions saw his love for football blossom in Mount Carmel. Peanut was a cause for celebration on Monday in Wilkes-Barre, the place where the Planters icon got his start.

Two weeks ago, the company came out with an ad showing Mr. But in a Super Bowl ad, he came back to life Sunday night. People came from all over the state for a celebration of life for Mr. Peanut and are thrilled that icon that is Mr. Peanut lives on as Baby Nut. Peanut, the face of Planters Peanut Company that started in Wil We have a picture sent back to us by our crew at the scene.

Two cars collided in Dorrance Township Monday evening. We do not yet know how many people are dead or what caused the crash. Route is closed in both directions because of the deadly crash. This is a developing story and updates will be added as they become available.

wnep news 16

Family and friends made their way to his farmhouse to celebrate the occasion. His son lives nearby and has taken over the family farm.

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Now he just sits there all day and watches them cows up in the pasture. We believe we got it the same day that it was dumped.To index Within-group Variation. As explained in Elementary Concepts, the size of a relation between two variables, such as the one measured by a difference in means between two groups, depends to a large extent on the differentiation of values within the group.

Depending on how differentiated the values are in each group, a given "raw difference" in group means will indicate either a stronger or weaker relationship between the independent (grouping) and dependent variable. However, if the same difference of 2 was obtained from very differentiated scores (e. That is to say, reduction of the within-group variation increases the sensitivity of our test.

The t-test for dependent samples helps us to take advantage of one specific type of design in which an important source of within-group variation (or so-called, error) can be easily identified and excluded from the analysis. Specifically, if two groups of observations (that are to be compared) are based on the same sample of subjects who were tested twice (e. However, if the same sample was tested twice, then we can easily identify (or "subtract") this variation.

Specifically, instead of treating each group separately, and analyzing raw scores, we can look only at the differences between the two measures (e. By subtracting the first score from the second for each subject and then analyzing only those "pure (paired) differences," we will exclude the entire part of the variation in our data set that results from unequal base levels of individual subjects.

This is precisely what is being done in the t-test for dependent samples, and, as compared to the t-test for independent samples, it always produces "better" results (i.

If these assumptions are clearly not met, then one of the nonparametric alternative tests should be used. Technically, we can apply the t-test for dependent samples to any two variables in our data set. However, applying this test will make very little sense if the values of the two variables in the data set are not logically and methodologically comparable.

Following, is an example of a data set that can be analyzed using the t-test for dependent samples. WCC before WCC after case 1 case 2 case 3 case 4 case 5.

However, the t-test for dependent samples analysis is performed only on the paired differences"ignoring" the raw scores and their potential differentiation. Thus, the size of this particular difference of 1 will be compared not to the differentiation of raw scores but to the differentiation of the individual difference scores, which is relatively small: 0. Compared to that variability, the difference of 1 is extremely large and can yield a highly significant t value.

If there are more than two "correlated samples" (e.

wnep news 16

The repeated measures ANOVA can be considered a generalization of the t-test for dependent samples and it offers various features that increase the overall sensitivity of the analysis. The breakdowns analysis calculates descriptive statistics and correlations for dependent variables in each of a number of groups defined by one or more grouping (independent) variables.

In the following example data set (spreadsheet), the dependent variable WCC (White Cell Count) can be broken down by 2 independent variables: Gender (values: males and females), and Height (values: tall and short). GENDER HEIGHT WCC case 1 case 2 case 3 case 4 case 5. The resulting breakdowns might look as follows (we are assuming that Gender was specified as the first independent variable, and Height as the second).

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For example, in the above example, you see the means for "all males" and "all females" but you do not see the means for "all tall subjects" and "all short subjects" which would have been produced had you specified independent variable Height as the first grouping variable rather than the second. Statistical Tests in Breakdowns. If you are interested in differences concerning the means, then the appropriate test is the breakdowns one-way ANOVA (F test).

If you are interested in variation differences, then you should test for homogeneity of variances. Other Related Data Analysis Techniques. Although for exploratory data analysis, breakdowns can use more than one independent variable, the statistical procedures in breakdowns assume the existence of a single grouping factor (even if, in fact, the breakdown results from a combination of a number of grouping variables).

Thus, those statistics do not reveal or even take into account any possible interactions between grouping variables in the design.

For example, there could be differences between the influence of one independent variable on the dependent variable at different levels of another independent variable (e.


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