Skit ideas for youtube

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Skit ideas for youtube

The 100 Best YouTube Video Ideas for 2020

Who wants to be an instant celebrity or a sensation all around the world? I am not joking because it is very much possible after the advent of the Internet. Yes, anyone amongst us can be a celebrity at least on the internet and become famous without the need of a mainstream media. It does not matter where you live in the world or what you do, you need a camcorder or your mobile phone, record videos and upload them on the YouTube.

YouTube Partner Program will ensure that apart from being famous you also get to earn a healthy income from the views. Apart from making money, you can also focus on becoming a brand and a social media influencer on YouTube. However, it is not that easy as it seems to be because you need to upload videos which must have a meaty content so that the audience will appreciate it. Upload entertaining and informative videos will help you build your fan base on YouTube and generate millions of views on your videos.

There are famous YouTubers throughout the world who generate massive incomes via YouTubing. In order to make earning easy for you, I have listed 40 best YouTube Video Ideas that are sure shot hits in You will be famous and rich from YouTube only if you your videos has thousands or millions of views. The first YouTube video idea in our list are prank videos. Although prank videos look comparatively easier to record they can be quite challenging.

If you are into video-blogging and cannot hit the street to record a prank video, then you can start directly from your home or office. Prank a coworker and film it and then put it on YouTube. Videos on item numbers or rap songs are highly well-known on YouTube. What you can do is render a trending song in your own voice with a twist to it.

Hilarious sounds are one of the funny YouTube video ideas. You can be more creative and sing a song in a weird or funny voice like in high pitch or breathy voice or at a fast pace to entertain your viewers. One of the classic examples of funny videos is dubsmash. Now if you are coming from a developing world or the world which is already developed, you can record videos exposing corruption in public as well as private sector.


Suppose you want to make a driving license and the government official there is asking for a bribe, then you can record it on a hidden camera and upload on the YouTube. Such videos generate millions of views since the audience is more interested in watching videos made on corruption. This is another mind-blowing video idea for YouTube. Making parody videos of your spouses or partners can be highly comical from the audience perspective. However, the only challenge would be the immense competition in the market because everyone is into making parody videos.

Hence you got to stand out from the rest. The best ideas would be talking about your girlfriend or boyfriend, later on, you can expand on the topic and include things like movies, music, fashion etc.

Rant videos are great, and people love it especially who do not like a prank or parody videos on YouTube. You need a topic you can rant on, the more it is controversial, the better it is. Mimic politicians, influencers, products, movie trailers, and anything that is trending in modern times.

You choose a topic like politics, religion, sexuality etc. Just rant it for 10 to 15 minutes with a lot of F-words in it.Blog Charge. Says Michelle Phan — a popular YouTuber with over 8 million subscribers. The same applies to beginner YouTubers who have the slightest clue about what niche to pick and which YouTube channel ideas would be suitable and profitable for them. I would even recommend to bookmark it and check it regularly for updates.

Yup, not another something list which repeats the same crap as shared by thousands of sites on the internet. I wish my research will be worth your frickin time. Unboxing channels are one of the most popular YouTube videos, and people love to watch them. There are literally thousands of channels doing the same thing, and they get views and subscribers. Have you ever bought a piece of technology without watching at least 10s of review videos and reading review articles on the internet?

I like to make an informed decision and buying gadgets is something which needs proper research. Reviewing tech and gadgets products is another popular niche with lots of potentials and competition. Sean from Think Media has created an excellent video explaining the steps to start a YouTube review channel.

These are one of my favorite videos, and I can watch them for hours without getting bored. The thing is that I get to learn something which quite possibly will help me in a few days or weeks. Instead, the videos are broken down into life hacks and under minutes. Also, there is less talking and more demonstration. You can talk about airport hacks, shopping, money saving, daily life hacks, etc. They provide everything you need to optimize your channel, save time and ease frustrations.

Their features include tonnes of productivity tools like thumbnail generators and scheduled uploads, as well as some really useful Video SEO to help your YouTube videos gain more views and promotional tools. Although I do feel sorry for the people, it makes me chuckle about how stupid humans can be at times.

Starting a fail compilation channel is an easy job as you only compile funny fail videos from social media and add interesting music. Either Google or YouTube. But if you need some exercises and workouts, it is better to watch it someone performing rather than written instructions.

Becoming a VJ or a news anchor would be a dream for many. But for certain things, you may not become a full-time news anchor and doing something else. Starting a news channel where you cover daily local or world news is a great chance to follow your passion.

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You can make your room a studio and get some good lighting condition to shoot the videos. Since it may take some time to become a reliable source of informationtry to focus on a specific niche and audience for instant growth.

For instance, you can create an interview series where you invite local heroes or famous celebrities to ask questions. Fans always want to know what their favorite celebrity is doing, wearing, traveling, or mingling with someone. It gives them a chance to talk to other fans. Supes foodies!

Any Comedy Skit ideas?

Thought I would miss this niche? Being a foodie myself, I spend hours watching reviews of local places and foods by different YouTubers. It makes me well-informed about nearby restaurants, new launches, and where to go next time I get food cravings.

skit ideas for youtube

It is easier to target the city you live in and nearby locality only. Being a foodie and cook are two entirely different things.Log in. Forums New posts. What's new New posts Latest activity.

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Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Category 4. Support UI. X Donate Contact us. New posts. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Any Comedy Skit ideas? Has anybody got any ideas for my next comedy skit? Any ideas would be much appreciated! TheWolfPixel Member. Reactions: JohnKenShow.

Talooka Weirdo With a Beardo. Do a voiceover Or just take something funny that happened in your life, and exaggerate everything about it. Reactions: DaMissBurke. Talooka said:. TheWolfPixel said:. Reactions: Talooka. Liking YTtalk. DaMissBurke said:. You can never go wrong with parodies plus randomness.

Two of my favorite tools to use! Okay Good idea! Also, checked out your annoying kids one, I laughed so hard haha! Joined May 7, Messages 1, Reaction score Just add your own touch and style to them and you have a foundation for a solid video.

Scorch said:. Luis Patino I don't know.Out of inspiration for new youtube videos? Or looking for ideas for your very first youtube video? Use our extensive list of YouTube video ideas as inspiration for creating new videos!

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Having a hard time coming up with ideas for your first youtube video? Here are some ideas to get you started! Tell your potential viewers a little bit about yourself. Who you are, what type of videos your are going to make and what you hope to achieve with your new youtube channel. Have fun and use it as a fun and interactive way to tell viewers about yourself. What can people expect from your channel? What type of videos will you make? What fear or struggle have you personally dealt with and how did you overcome it?

Or are you still struggling with it? Telling people about your motivation for starting on youtube helps people learn more about you and your youtube channel at the same time.

Your channel trailer is a video that automatically starts playing when someone visits your channel. Having an interesting intro video can help you get more subscribers on youtube. If you have been on youtube for a while, talk about why you started uploading videos to youtube and your experience since starting.

If you have been creating youtube videos for a few months or years than you have probably gotten a lot better at it with practice. Make a shoutout video to put someone in the spotlight! This can be someone who supported you, your favorite youtuber or one of your most supportive subscribers. Make a collaboration video with another YouTuber. Collaboration videos also help your channel grow since you promote each other to your audience. Most people believe that being a YouTuber is very easy and does not take a lot of work.

Create a video to show your viewers everything that goes into making youtube videos. Writing a script, recording, editing, publishing etc. What is your process from going from raw video clips to uploading a polished video on youtube? If you are unsure when you started on youtube you can look at the date of your first youtube video or check the information tab on your channel to see when you created your channel.

Hopefully in the time you have been creating youtube videos, some people have found and enjoyed your videos and have subscribed. If you reach a milestone likeor more, create a youtube video thanking your subscribers and talk about the past and future of your channel. These videos usually get a lot of likes, comments and shares and will help your YouTube channel grow. You can combine this with a giveaway or just host a contest where you challenge your subscribers to do something.The most successful YouTubers are able to do what they love and make a significant amount of money at the same time.

But if thinking of viral ideas was easy, everyone would be a YouTube influencer. There are many things to keep in mind when becoming a YouTuber.

I ncreasing your YouTube views and subscribers can be incredibly difficult, and involves having everything right. From channel art to content. But, if you get everything right, YouTube can be a great place to earn a side-income and pay your bills. Make sure you have an attractive channel, with cool channel art to set the scene and theme for your viewers. Whether your channel is decorated with geometric designs like theseor simply something to do with your topic, it must be accompanied by quality video content and ideas.

We have compiled superb ideas that can help you get more views. Each idea is accompanied by some helpful tips that detail how you can create your video. This collection of YouTube video ideas is split into seven categories: general YouTube video ideas, business, fashion and beauty, gaming, sports and fitness, movies and TV, and music. To show the world what makes your YouTube channel different, share a personal story. Personal stories can help viewers relate to you and gives them a glimpse into your life.

Feature a newly-released product on your channel and share your own personal review of it. Try to make your review stand out from others with engaging commentary and attentive editing.

Tech reviews are very popular YouTube video ideas a t the moment and if you share a fresh perspective on a new piece of hardware, your video could attract a lot of attention.

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Making people laugh is a surefire way to boost your subscribers. Comedy is subjective, so what makes one person roll around the floor in stitches, might fail to even raise a smile for others. Play to your strengths and create a sketch that you feel confident performing. Be yourself and let your own unique sense of humor shine through.

Offer a detailed explanation about why you ordered your list in a certain way. The often derided unboxing video format continues to be immensely popular among YouTube audiences. Unboxing videos are a favorite of kids who want to check out the latest toys, but they are also a huge hit with other age groups.

Channels like Ryan Toys Review are suitable for a younger audience, while channels such as Unbox Therapy cater for a more mature audience. Choose a niche that you are knowledgeable about when you embark into the realm of unboxing and remember that no matter how well presented your video is, your audience must care about the product first and foremost. Tutorials are one of the most commonplace YouTube video ideas.

If you can provide someone with knowledge to help them achieve something or complete a task, they will be very interested in watching your videos. Tutorial videos can revolve around nearly any subject.Althoug this list is not meant to cover all posible ideas you can come up with, it is a way for you to start from somewhere.

Creating a monologue where you talk about any topic you want to talk about is a great way to get started but it can be also paralyzing, as there are way too many options to choose from.

That being said, it is the best way to unleash your creativity and show your personality, character, and your own perspective of how the world is. Ridiculous moments of TV or media in general, as well as other YouTube videos, or your some of your own films make great material you can easily use to create funny compilations. You can find countless amounts of footage online that can be used without infrincting copyright and make high-quality videos where you can narrate and add your own creativity to the mix.

Although it is a channel with a good amount of subs the number of views this video collected in the last year has surpassed way more than 10x the subscriber count. You could make paroides about musi videos, songs, movie trailers, other YouTubers, funny characters, etc.

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In fact, if you make it with a low budget but you make sure that you imprint some creativity into it I can assure you it can result in something hilarious. Some of the funniest clips you can encounter on YouTube are from big channles like Smosh or CollegeHumorwhich specialize in, what I like to call, Scene Drama.

Now, this is when you probably want to find collaborators to help you with the shooting, writing an original script, finding talented people to act, and any other person you could think of to help you out.

If you want to make videos that get lots of shares, likes, and comments, and that have the potential to go viral then THIS is the right place to start. You can make faceless youtube videos that entertain a wide audience and makes people laugh while you have fun making super complicated recipes the wrong way! Then, YOU could be the first channel that devotes entire videos on teaching people how NOT to prepare a meal, what are some of the funniest mistakes people make when cooking something, etc.

YouTube itself has tried to promote live streams several times and even has an entire course devoted to teach how you can take advantage of live streams and how important it is that you do.

You can make your own podcast, a show where you tell jokes with friends, a way to interact with your viewers and make fun games, you can basically try out a lot of different things.

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Your goal is to get people involved, by couragous to approach people on the street or wherever you want actually, and have fun. You can take your love one and challenge he ir she to go into a haunted house, hospital, building with you and see what happens.

You can also get together with a few friends, family memebers, or any other person that might be interested, the scariest the better. You could do anything about this idea, it can be laughing at your own ridiculous insecurities or unjustified fears that people can relate to and laugh about.

If you like to sing or you want to get those hopes of becoming a rock star up then you should consider making a musical. You can easily combine both arts into one and make a memorable video that people will LOVE to share with their friends if they happen to find it funny enough.

Choose a popular topic many people can relate to and that can easily generate buzz if done right. Well, what would you think about doing a funny version of them? You should keep in mind things like watch time and audience retention as those are two BIG ranking factors for YouTube, so make sure to create a long video 7 to 10 minutes long, if not more and make it engaginguse on-screen graphs, good-looking transitions, and learn new editing skills if you can.

In fact, if you have anything that is remotely rare to share that says something about you then you should consider sharing it. It not only makes an entertaining type of video but it also helps you to bond with your audience, which can result in building long lasting relationships. Among all the comedy skit ideas you could come up with bloopers are one of the most effective ones you can think of.

I mean, you are human after all. The best part is that you can take all of those funny and not so funny, at least not for you! When it comes to comedy videos online you and I both know that the competition is tough… so knowing how to properly edit your videos, plan your shots, and make the most out of your material is not a minor thing.

PewDiePie being the ultimate example.Skits are short, funny plays that can be improvised or scripted. They are usually used in informal settings, such as classrooms or summer camps.

Skits can be effective icebreakers for a variety of events and gatherings. Some skits allow for audience participation. While there are many scripted skit ideas to choose from, many skits allow for improvisation, which can have hilarious results. All that is required for this skit is a chair and actors; no other preparation is necessary. It begins with one person sitting on a chair and pretending to wait for the bus.

A second person approaches the bus stop and tries to get the first person to leave by making them uncomfortable. Once this is accomplished, the second person then takes the first person's place. This can continue for as long as desired, and can also include members of the audience. This skit involves two people. One person sits on a chair with their arms behind their back. The second person sits behind the first person and puts their arms underneath the first person's arms. The second person proceeds to act out motions like putting on makeup, getting ready in the morning or cooking, while the first person tries to narrate what he or she is doing.

For extra laughs, try using real makeup.

skit ideas for youtube

This skit can include as many or as few participants as desired. Ask the audience for suggestions to set the scene, such as a doctor's office, high school cafeteria or a pet shop. Two people then begin by acting out the scene, but may only interact with each other by asking questions. Each question must be answered with another question.

If one person accidentally answers in a different way, he or she must exit the stage, and is replaced by another person. Before this skit, have the audience write names of characters, people or animals on pieces of paper and place them in a hat. Gather four participants. Have three of the participants draw a name from the hat and act it out.

skit ideas for youtube

The other person pretends to host a party and has to guess what each person or party guest is pretending to be. The identities of the actors can be kept a secret from the audience or written on a whiteboard for everyone but the party host to see.

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