Illuminati tanzania

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Illuminati tanzania

Is very dangerous to organize with that group coz ur removing god's grace in ur body and U hv received curse in ur body. I have had the privilege of being a Mason for many years. To some, that may seem a long time,and to others,I'm still an Entered Apprentice. In my first ten or so years my understanding of Masonry focused on fundraising and fellowship.

Now don't get me wrong, supporting our charities is critically important to those we have taken an obligation to help. The fellowship and friendships that I have with my lodge brothers are some of the best I have. However,there is so much more to Masonry. When a brother is first initiated,we tell him "Freemasonry is a beautiful system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols. Our lectures give a brief glimpse into the meaning of Masonry.

illuminati tanzania

Our lectures do a wonderful job of bringing to life these important teachings. This is why it pains me to see brothers leaving after the degree and not staying for the lecture. Different aspects of the lecture speak to me each time I hear one. I encourage you Mr. Man ganging to stay closely listen to them once you join the brotherhood.

Your Masonic Education Committee will be sponsoring a series of lectures at different locations around East Africa on "Allegory and Symbolism. But that is after the first degree initiation.

illuminati tanzania

Don't get confused about this but what I mean is that we have many brothers out there willing to join us and you will be guiding them on the lessons you will be taught as newly entered apprentice. The East Africa Grand Lodge will sponsor you on the programs plus many more charities that will come your way. The Illuminati has no belief but the sovereignty of the human species. The Illuminati is not a church, religion, political group, or charity organization, but an elite collective of global influencers who work to further the interests of the human species as a whole.

Our decisions are independent of all human divisions, including religious and political differences. We operate solely for the benefit of the human species we have been entrusted to protect, and therefore make no demands of our citizens regarding personal worship, morality, or belief. My name is Asumani hassan i wanna enjoin with freemason but i live in The United States Of America i don't how y'all can help me with that Hello viewers, it is unfortunate that our secret fraternity have become what most people now use as there aim of getting money, I would say sorry to those who have falling to the once who claim of being an agent of our secret fraternity called Illuminati, any Illuminati member who doesn't show you his or her identity card is a fake and besides avoid those claiming a real agent on facebook there is no real agent on facebook due to the issue of fraudulent.

The Illuminati is mainly from Egypt and Kenya, and note that our present head office is now in USA, it is no longer in UK again due to the fraudulent that are now existing there.Good news!!! Do you want to get rich immediately and be out of suffering?

Do you want the world to recognize you and listen to you when you speak? Do not hesitate to contact us. Are you a business, Man, politician, musical, student and you. You can achieve your dreams by being a member of the Great illuminati brother hood. With this all your dreams and heart desire can be fully accomplish, if you really want to be a member of the great illuminati brother hood, contact the Lord illuminati now, Note: newly recruited members are given benefitsA Golden Ring, that will protect and guild you from enemies, and a free visa to United State Of America.

Please will do not share blood. Do not miss this opportunity. All the same thanks to Mr Emmanuel I who made my dreams a reality by helping me become a member of the great Illuminati. To join Illuminati is easy Join the Illuminate cult online today where ever you are and get instant sum of 10,00 USD[dollars] with a free home any where you choose to live in the world and many other benefit as follows.

Joining the Illuminati brings you into the limelight of the world in which you live in today your financial difficulties are brought to an end your inseams lengthen we support you both financially and materially to ensure you live a comfortable life in comfortable slacks You can join from wherever you are,any part of the world[country] you are. Welcome to brotherhood Illuminati where you can become rich famous and popular and your life story we be change totally my name is Dan Jerry I am here to share my testimony on how I join the great brotherhood Illuminati and my life story was change immediately.

If you are interested in joining the great brotherhood Illuminati. Good news to everyone reading this comment. I want to share my testimony on how i belong to the world famous illuminate fraternity society, and how i become more famous, by acquiring huge wealth, riches and fame.

Here is how my life changed. A friend of mine that was always giving me money, because he was very rich, wealthy, famous and successful.

Names Of Top Illuminati False Pastors And Prophets In Uganda

On one beautiful day, he said to me that he is not going to give me any money, that he is going to show me the way to be successful in life. So i was very happy, i never knew he was a member of the great illuminate society. So i was initiated to the world famous illuminate society, and few days later, i was awarded a contract worth millions of Dollars. Right now as i speak, in my business i am doing very well, i travel the world on business deals, i am now the one that gives money out to people, before life was so hard for me and my family.

If you want to belong to us today? This is my testimony on how I finally join the worldwide illuminati after I have been trying to join for over 2 years now but scammers took money from me several times.

I have been searching to join the illuminati for so long,but scammers keep taking my money until last week here when I ment agent Frank online who helped me to join the brotherhood online and i receive the sum of 10 million in to my bank account instantly after my online initiation ritual and also I will be earning 6 million every month end, Am so happy! Welcome to brotherhood Illuminati where you can become rich famous and popular and your life story we be change totally my name is james william I am here to share my testimony on how I join the great brotherhood Illuminati and my life story was change immediately.

Welcome to brotherhood Illuminati where you can become rich famous and popular and your life story we be change totally my name is James Williams I am here to share my testimony on how I join the great brotherhood Illuminati and my life story was change immediately. Do you want to be a member of the great Illuminati and start receiving 2,00USD monthly and be popular among others and have riches and fame,this is the only chance of being of the Illuminati.

I was sent by the Freemason high chief to bring 52 members into the Illuminati,I have gotten 32,so we looking for 20,so try and be among the twenty people to be rich and famous??Tanzania is one of those countries in East Africa that is filled with immense talent from musicians, actors, actresses, entrepreneurs and much more. Below are 10 famous Tanzanian celebrities who are causing storms not only in the country but around the globe:.

Naseeb Abdul Juma popularly known as Diamond Platnumz is a famous Tanzanian musician who is known for producing hit after hit. He is one of the highest paid musicians in the country. He is currently on top of numerous music shows and has performances in different parts of the world having shared a stage with international artists like Ludacris and Rick Ross.

He also owns a number of assets in the country. She is a young and talented beautiful lady who has created a name for herself in the whole of Africa as well as the world.

She is also a musician who has released a couple of songs that are already causing ripples on the airwaves with top-notch videos that keep her fans glued to the screen. Monalisa is one of the most talented actresses in Tanzania which is the reason she makes it on the 10 famous Tanzanian celebrities. She has appeared in a couple of films and has also won numerous awards including the best pan African actress.

She has a natural talent for acting and always brings out her role in a perfect manner making her one of the most sought-after models in the industries.

illuminati tanzania

Vincent Kigosi is one of the leading heroes in the Tanzanian film industry. He is not only an actor but has also directed and produced several movies that have attracted huge audience in the country. His work is known all over the industry as his movies are always in high demand. Hashim is a professional basketball player who is one of the stars of Oklahoma City Thunder. He is the tallest and most active player standing at 7ft 3in in the NBA. Kidoti is a young innovator who is a highly acclaimed self-made local TV personality.

Her star began to shine after she contested for Miss Tanzania in and became the first runner-up. She has also appeared in a couple of shows. She owns a clothing line and is considered one of the fashion icons in the country. Millard Ayo has been mentioned as one of the highly acclaimed and most powerful local radio personality thanks to his powerful voice that is matched up to his unique talent. His radio show has been reported to have a huge fan base. It is not possible to mention 10 famous Tanzanian celebrities without talking about this songbird.

Lady JayDee has been in the industry for the longest time possible but still remains relevant as she churns out melodious music that just captures the heart of her fans.

She is also a businesswoman and owns a couple of assets in the country. Ahmed is one of the most popular models in the country and is also a singer with the Machozi Band.Tom Sembela. It was alleged that Pastor Tom had to sacrifice people and use blood to get to where he is now. Search for:. Latestnaijagist Gist World. Illuminati Shocking Stories Uganda December 6, 0. Here are the names top pastors and prophets that are said to be members of Illuminati order. Some they say went extreme in acquiring their powers, they did a lot of things in the process.

Things that will make your stomach turn. Well here are there names.

Ricks camaro

The man has been called many things. As a 5th grader he has the power to do many things. Pastor prof as he is fondly called is known by many as a shape sifter. This means that he can turn into any animal, preferably snakes, to do the order bidding. Apostle Aloysius Bujingo. The Order told him to do a lot of things, including sleeping with anything in skirt.

In short it is alleged that he sleeps around a lot. Pastor Minani. They say that the Order charged him to convert people.

Top Satanic Illuminati Churches In South Africa

Irene Manjeri. Pastor Irene has been accused of doing many things, among which includes blood sacrifices. If this is true then she certainly have liver, can you imagine what it takes for one to continually take the life of people.

One of the powerful pastors in Uganda, Luke tales are not just shocking they appalling, going into details here will make you cry, so we will not do that. If you want to know more search around.

Top 10 Celebrities That are Supposedly in the Illuminati

Leave a Reply Cancel reply.Welcome to Illuminati Website. You can achieve your dreams by being a member of the Illuminati. I extend an invitation to all members of the Illuminati Order. The more members we have, the more will be. Join the world of the most famous people. Embrace the light of power and fame success has come on the light.

While our individual members are allowed to follow any deity they choose, we operate solely for the benefit and protection of the human species. Do you agree to be a member of this new Illuminati world order?

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The Grand Master gave us the mandate to always reach people like you, so take this opportunity and join the great Illuminati organization, join our global unity. Bringing the poor, needy and talented The prominence of fame and wealth. Get money, fame, powers, security, get it. Email donbinali yahoo.

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Many pseudo-entertainers are aware of Illuminati legends and work those symbols and myths into their acts to fuel further speculation. To Join the Illuminati Illuminati membership is presented by invitation only.

Blog at WordPress. Post to Cancel. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy.This is quiet pronounced in South African.

In light of this here are the top Illuminati churches in South Africa. Note: It is true this list may not properly reflect the churches in South Africa and the extent of their involvement in South Africa. But it goes a long covering them. Some time ago he failed to meet this conditions hence his powers was taken from him. If not for death of the founder no one would have known that Illuminati have crept in to this church.

Right now there are two groups battling for the soul of this church. Search for:. Latestnaijagist Gist World. Illuminati have come to stay in Africa, and the Southern part of Africa is not left, As there have been lots of souls joining up.

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Before recruitment used to be done by individuals charged by the Illuminati to do so, it is no longer so now, as recruitment is now done by churches.

Shephered Bushiri.

Illuminati - The Initiation process explained

ZCC is well known in South Africa. ECG is owned by Shephered Bushiri who many believe went to the Illuminati for powers to perform miracles. This Church caused a stir when pictures of there deliverance went viral, you need to see what Apostle Mokoena uses snake as if it is the symbol of his church, well it is.

Well at least his own membership he is not hiding, in the words of Zoda of Star wars Illumianti is him, and I say he is Illuminati. It is also rumored that it is in one of his branches that this child wedding took place. Yes he may be well known in SA, but he joined up recently. If you think that his church is booming, wait until the end of next year.

He may even overtake TB Joshua of Nigeria. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.You are about to make it to the ranks of the worlds most elite group. You've made it here because you chose to seek. You chose to seek the massive power that is provided to those that wish to become enlightened. The path of enlightenment is not difficult, but it will not come to those who do not wish to find it. The Path to Enlightenment requires resolute effort. We believe that a person who is unwise with a few will do worse with a lot.

We'll entrust you with several millions if you entrust us with a little. To gauge your commitment to our Order, we require that prospects pay a small fee to be added to Members' Records and to receive an official Illuminati Membership Identification Number. Membership dues for new prospects in Tanzania is TSH. Once we receive the one-time membership payment, we'll contact you to confirm receipt of the payment and to brief you on the next steps, including how you'll receive the huge monetary rewards and other benefits given to new members, among other impressive goodies.

Payment of the membership fee gauges seriousness and weeds out jokers. Your pathway to quick prosperity and prestige is here! It'll take up to 6 hours for your Illuminati Membership to be confirmed. Applications received after 6pm will be processed the next day. Patience and Loyalty is key. We're the only designated recruiter in the region; beware of imposters. Join exclusively via the steps outlined. Fear not; We're watching out for you! Get One Express Membership. Join Illuminati in Tanzania Congratulations!

illuminati tanzania

The Magic Ring. Share the Light!


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